Clip lock roofs are suitable and preferred for cladding as it ensures cost-effectiveness, durability and roof security. However, regular maintenance ensures the longevity of these roofing. Therefore, removing clip locks is a good practice for maintaining the roof.

For removing clip locks from roof sheets, the clips are needed to lift from below using either a pinch bar or hammer’s claw end. However, you have to prise out the upper sheet using a flat head screwdriver first. So, all you need is a flat head screwdriver, one claw-hammer, a pinch bar, 2×4 sized single piece of wood , and essential safety equipment to get started.

I am assuming these are new for you, and you want to know how to remove clip lock roofing?

Here, in the write-up, we have tried to cover the clip lock removal process from roof sheets step by step.

How To Remove Clip Lock Roofing

How To Remove Clip Lock Roofing:

There are two types of clip locks available, one is Clip Lock 406 and another is Clip Lock 700. However, the installation, maintenance and removing process of clip locks are similar for both of them. 

We have tried here to describe the clip lock removal process step by step, so that after reading this article, you can understand the process and remove the clip lock from roofing. 

Secure yourself:

First things first, you should secure yourself before going up onto the roof. This is essential because for removing the clip locks from the roofing, you will have to be on the rooftop for a good amount of time. Henceforth, you should wear personal protective equipment.

Further, use a solid ladder for climbing to the roof. Here, you should use a ladder anchor safety stabilizer so that it does not slip.

Most importantly, always use the best quality safety gears. These will assure your security along with boosting your confidence. Nevertheless, do not forget to apply sun-screen lotion if you are working under scorching sunlight.

Removing clip lock roofing:

You need one flat-head screwdriver, one claw-hammer, one pinch bar and one piece of 2×4 sized wood bar to remove clip locks.

First, you need to get on the roof following safety measures. On the roof you will discover the sheet, usually the upper sheet concealing the sheet underneath that is attached to a metal framing which carries clip lock points. 

Next, you need a flat-end screwdriver to get in right on the end of the sheet and prise out the upper sheet a little bit. Thus, you can open a gap between the sheets. 

Now it is time to lift the upper sheet from the gap you have opened. Therefore, you need to use a pinch bar supported with a wood block. The wood block would prevent any damage to the sheet. Moreover, try to grip the upper sheet by placing the pinch bar underneath the gap between sheets.

Further, lift the upper sheet by pushing the pinch bar upward. Grab the upper sheet with your fingers and pull it back. Be careful here, do not place your fingers before opening a suitable gap using the pinch bar. You may consider wearing gloves, if you already have not.

Continue the process till you remove all the clip locks from the roof. Use the claw-hammer where the pinch bar fails, however, it is always best to use the combination of pinch bar and fingers.

 Always follow the clip lock points serially to remove the locks. If you break the serial, the sheet may get damaged.

Now as you roll the sheet back, it will unclip. And thus, remove the clip locks. However, do not try to twist it too much. Otherwise the sheet may get affected or may break.


We have mentioned the roofing clip lock removal process inside out. I believe now you know how to remove clip lock roofing.

Carefully remove clip locks from a panel while standing or sitting on it. Always stand or sit on a neighboring panel while removing all the clip locks from the roofing.

I am hopeful you will follow these simple steps that we have shared here while removing clip locks from roofing. Best wishes.


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