Corrugated and metal roofing are very popular for their durability. Still these roofings need little maintenance to last long. Removing roofing nails is also a part of the maintenance.

To remove roofing nails from corrugated roofs, you need to mark the nails to be removed with professional crayons and remove them with the claw end of the hammer.  And to remove nails from metal roofs, you have to use a straight-claw hammer or a flat bar and a 2×4 wood block.

I guess you haven’t removed nails from corrugated or metal roofs before, and thinking how to remove roofing [corrugated & metal]?

In this article, we have shared all the steps of removing roofing nails from corrugated and metal steps.

How To Remove Corrugated Roofing Nails

How To Remove Roofing Nails [Corrugated & Metal]:

There is a little difference in the removal process of the removing nails of corrugated roofing and metal roof. We have described both the processes so that after reading these, you can remove roofing nails from both corrugated and metal roofs.

Secure yourself:

Since you have to work on top of the roof to remove nails, you must secure yourself before going up onto the roof. For this, you have to wear a safety harness.

Use a firm ladder to climb to the roof. You have to ensure that the ladder won’t slip. You can use a ladder stopper or anchor to do this. 

Never compromise on the quality of any safety equipment. These are the things that will ensure your security and let you work without any worry.

Removing nails from a corrugated roof:

You need a claw hammer, a professional crayon and a nail puller to remove nails from a corrugated roof.

After getting on the roof, you have to identify the nails that you have to remove. Most of the time, you will find the nails along the edge of the panels. Use a professional crayon to mark the nails.

Now it is time to remove the nails. First use a hammer to do this. Try to grip the nail head by placing the claw side of the hammer under it.

Lift the nail by pushing the handle of the hammer downward. If the hammer claw fails to fit the head of the nail, then use a nail puller. 

Put the V-shaped end of the puller on the nail and tap it with a hammer so that the nail head fits tightly with the puller. Then, lift the nail by pushing down the handle of the nail puller.

Never remove nails from a panel while standing or sitting on it. Always stand or sit on a neighboring panel while removing all the nails from a corrugated panel.

Removing nails from a metal roof:

Removing Nails From A Metal Roof

You need a flat bar or a straight-claw hammer, a 2×4 wood block to remove nails from a metal roof.

As metal roofs are very slippery, you must be very careful while walking on them. For this, you need to wear appropriate shoes to get a good grip to the surface of the roof while walking. Walk only in areas from where you haven’t removed any nails.

You have to start from the highest part of the roof. And to pull the nails use a flat bar or a claw hammer. Set the claw of the hammer around the head of the nail that you need to remove. 

Set the 2×4 wood block just below the fulcrum point of the flat bar or the hammer. Pull the handle of the tool toward you to apply the lever.

The block will help to minimize the pressure on the metal when you lever the hammer or flat bar. Thus this block reduces the amount of damage of the metal panels.

Put the removed nails in a container, such as a coffee can. You can either dispose of the removed nails or take them to the closest recycling center. 


We have discussed the roofing nail removal process in detail. I guess now you know all the information about how to remove roofing [corrugated & metal].

Always remember to stand or sit on the adjacent panels while removing all nails from a panel. I hope you will apply the steps mentioned above when removing roofing nails from a metal or corrugated roof. Best of luck.


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