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Roofing tars can fix any hole on your roof. Though no one can deny roofing tar’s usefulness in our daily-to-daily life, it can certainly create a mess.

Whether it is the stains that it leaves behind on your roof or an accident that leads to roofing tars sliding with some metals, it certainly is going to leave unsightly black marks. So, it is a must to know how to remove roofing tar from metal.

Well, do not worry about strains ever again, just keep on reading this article.

How To Remove Roofing Tar From Metal: A Complete Guideline

Turs can be removed using various methods such as tur remover, gasoline, WD-40, razor scraper, even wire brush. But you should go for the best method possible to ensure safe removal from metal.

Oftentimes, inexperienced roofers and more commonly, DIYers use tars excessively. These improper uses lead to tars stains which can be stubborn. It is always a more preferable option to let the professional handle these works. In the worst-case scenario, some tars stain become so deep that they can’t be removed.

Required Tools To Remove roofing Tar Form Metals

Lubricant: Tur removers or WD-40 or gasoline or mayonnaise 

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  • Soft Cloth
  • Bucket 
  • Water
  • Soap  

Precaution Before Removing Roofing Tar

Different lubricants can be used to remove tars from metal. But the main concern should be that it does not remove the color of the metal.

So at 1st, apply to a small area of the metal to make sure that no added damage is not happening.

Once we are sure which product to use, we can go on with the removal process.

The tar removal products are dangerous enough to cause damage to the metal. So do not let them set or dry on the metal.

Removal Process

Step 1

Apply the pretested lubricant to the tar on the metal.

Step 2

Wait for a few minutes. Let the lubricant soak into the tar. This will loosen its outside surface.

Step 3

Use a soft cloth to wipe the loosened area.

Step 4

Apply the lubricant again to all the remaining area with tar to remove it completely

Step 5

Make a mix of soap water in a bucket.

Step 6

Use soapy water and soft cloths to wash the area.

Step 7

Wash for the last time with water.

Step 8

Wipe the water away with soft cloths and let the area dry. 

By following these steps, you will be able to remove roofing tar from metal easily by yourself.

how to remove roofing tar from metal roof


Hopefully, following our step-by-step guide to how to remove roofing tar from metal, you have managed to get rid of that black mark that has been bothering you.

Good luck and thank you for reading our articles.


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