Satellite dishes are little more than an inconvenience if they’re not in use. As a result, most people prefer to get off of their obsolete satellite dishes when they get done with their television cable. Then, the question that can appear in your mind is how to remove a satellite dish from the roof. 

You may hire a satellite provider to come to your home to remove the dish. But the method is so easy that you may do it alone.

If you want to remove your satellite dish, you better read the article to know about it.

How To Remove Satellite Dish From Roof: Detail Process

A parabolic tv dish that receives data from satellite systems in orbit surrounding earth is known as a satellite dish. Its main purpose is to offer a greater selection of channels to television viewers.

Removing satellite dishes from your rooftop is a simple process. While you can call your cable operator to remove the satellite dish. You can just do it yourself and save some money.

Make sure to get permission from your property owner. Then, follow the steps explained below.

Remove Satellite Dish From Roof

Tools, You’ll Need To Remove A Satellite Dish From Roof

We recommend that you gather all the tools beforehand. This makes the process much faster and easier to complete. Necessary tools are;

  1. Ladder
  2. Power screwdriver
  3. Adjustable wrench
  4. Flat bar
  5. Silicone or tar 
  6. Sandpaper
  7. Drill 
  8. Rope
  9. Wirecutter

Safety equipment

  1. Harness
  2. Lifelines set
  3. Hard hat
  4. Good roofing shoes 
  5. Gloves

Satellite Dish Removal Processes

If you want to remove your satellite dish, you have to follow some steps. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to remove satellite dishes from your roof.

Step 1

Wear a harness before climbing the ladder. Then, make sure that the ladder is fixed in place. Also, clean all the debris before starting the main process.

Step 2

Find out which side of the house your satellite dish is located. Place your ladder against that side of the house and climb to the roof.

Make sure it is steady. You can wear running shoes or hiking shoes while you’re on the rooftop. Make sure that your shoes have a good grip so that there will be no risk of slipping or falling from the roof.

Step 3

Locate the wire connecting to the dish cable from your house and cut it with the wire cutter.

Use an adjustable wrench to loosen any other cables attached to the satellite base and remove them from the satellite base. 

Step 4

Remove the satellite base by unbolting the satellite dish base. Those are attached to the footplates with nuts. The nuts holding it are 1/2 for direct tv and 7/16 for dish networks. Use a drill with the proper socket size. 

Step 5

After removing the satellite base, completely bind the satellite base with ropes. Hold the ropes and gently drop down the satellite dish base onto the ground below.

Unscrew all the bolts from the footplate with a screwdriver. Remove the footplates tenderly as possible using the crowbar.

Step 6

Carefully remove the nails from the shingles of your roof with a flat bar.

Steps 7

Seal the holes in the shingles with silicon or tars. Apply it into the hole with the sandpaper.

It concludes the process of removing satellite dishes from your roof. Please, conduct these steps with patience and concentration. Negligence can lead to permanent damage to your roof.  

remove satellite dish from roof cost


A satellite dish contains materials such as metal, aluminum, copper wire, circuits, and plastics. Most electronic products can be returned for recycling. However, the dish company is unsure about its recycling system. The best thing to do is to recycle it yourself.

Future Reinstallation

You can install a new satellite dish on the same spot. Installing a new satellite dish to your roof is comparatively a harder process. It requires a bit of experience and some technical knowledge. 

At this stage, you can call a technician or your service provider. If you want to do it yourself, consult with a technician.


I hope that this guide on how to remove satellite dishes from roof has lessened your concerns. And I guess you’re ready to remove your satellite dish. 

Stay alert. Always keep children far from the working place. Be sure to wear all the safety gear. All the best. 


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