When you hear the word roof boot, you may think that I am talking about foot boot.

But it’s not that boot actually. 

Vent pipes are used for your home plumbing system. The stinking air from the bathroom and kitchen comes out through the pipes.

Roof boots is a material made of rubber and steel that prevents water from entering through the base of the vent pipe and protects the roof. 

The question here is, how to replace a roof vent boot. To know the answer of  this question, read the entire content carefully.

Roof boots need to be replaced for a variety of reasons. I will discuss in detail when to replace a roof vent boot and why to replace a roof vent boot.

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How do you know when you have to replace the roof boot vent?

There are a few specific reasons to replace the roof boot. You can easily understand if you notice a few signs.

  1. Since the roof vent pipe is used in bathrooms and kitchens, you should take a look at the wall.
    If the walls of the bathroom and kitchen are falling off. You can understand that there is a problem with the roof boot.
  2. If you see a water sign or any kind of roof problem around the roof vent pipe, you can understand that it is time to change the roof boot.
  3. If there is a waterfall from where the roof vent boot is, or if the plaster falls from the roof. You need to change the roof vent boot. 
  4. You may know about the watermark. Sometimes if you see such a watermark on the wall, then you have to understand that there is a problem with the roof vent boot, and it needs to be replaced.

If any one of these four signs appears, you need to replace the roof vent boot.

Keep reading to know how to replace it. 

And if the signs are not seen, then check well. If you do not need a replacement, then it is good for you.

How to replace roof vent boot

It feels worse for the homeowner when there is a problem somewhere on the roof. One such place is the roof vent boot which has a high replacement cost. Now let’s take a look at how you can replace your roof vent boots.

Necessary tools

  • A Flat Bar
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Hook Knife
  • Combination Pliers
  • Silicone Sealant

Step by step guideline 

Roof Vent Boots work plan drawing

Step 1: Removing old roof  

First, you need to remove the old roof. For this task, you need to remove the roofing shingles with the help of a flat bar.

If you are going to do it with empty hands, then you may face some problems. So, you have to use a flat bar.

Now with the hook knife, cut the rubber part on all sides of the pipe. The roof vent boot will be separated  and will come out when pulled.

Step 2: Removing shingles 

The roof shingle is fixed with nails. So when you are going to separate it from the roof, remove all the nails with the help of combination pliers.Then slowly separate the roof shingle from the roof one by one. 

Carefully remove the roofing shingle so that it can not be damaged. If it is damaged, it will cost extra money.

The venting boot is stuck inside the shingle. Roof boots need to be replaced for a variety of reasons. So if you remove a few rows above and below the roof vent through a knife, it will be useful.

Step 3: Replacing the boot

The old roof vent boot needs to be replaced, so the new roof boot has to be made workable first.

To make it workable, first, you have to separate a patch of the boot with a knife to insert it through the pipe so that it can be inserted easily. 

Now fix the bottom side and downside of the roof boot and insert it through the pipe. Then insert a small part of the steel inside the shingle.

To fix the boot part of the bottom side with the shingle, cut the shingle  with a knife at a specified angle and fix it properly.

Step 4: Sealing it up

Now you have to seal it at the end of the work so that it lasts for a long time. 

In the last step, nail the shingles with a hammer that you removed . Do it everywhere so that it is not left out. 

Then seal all the shingles well with silicone sealant. And cover the vent boot with the roofing shingle and seal it with silicone sealant.

Roof Vent Boots after before job

How long does a roof vent boot last?

The rubber boot usually lasts 10-12 years. When the rubber starts to split, then the durability starts to decrease. 

Its durability depends on several terms such as weather and the quality of the vent boot you are using. 

When the rubber vent boot splits, water spots start appearing and very soon, you can see the watermark. Then it is necessary to replace the roof vent boot.


Taking  the bathroom and kitchen waste air out from the room is a very important system in the house. This whole process is done through the pipe  and roof vent boot. 

So, one of the important materials of the house is the roof vent boot, no doubt. If there is any problem with your roof boot, then the problem of roof, wall, and ceiling will start.

So, it is necessary to replace a roof vent boot to get rid of these problems. Hope you found the right solution to your “how to replace roof vent boot” question.

Replacing the roof vent boot is a very easy task.  You can do it alone; you just need a ladder. And if you don’t have the capacity of climbing on the roof, then you should get the job done by a professional. 

Safety is a very important factor  while working.

Best of luck.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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