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Sealing something always gives me joy. When I was little, I used to seal my old toys which are still preserved. 

There are many memories with many things that everyone wants to keep secure. I have also had this habit from a young age. Moreover, if I bought new clothes, I would keep them secure. 

Now let’s see how to seal the metal roof seams. The seams of the metal roof usually mean the sealing lack of the roof. The seams of the metal roof are sealed using different types of tools.

Let’s know “how to seal metal roof seams” here.

seal metal roof seam types

How To Seal Metal Roof Seams: Step-by-Step Processes

Before knowing all the steps, we need to know what are the seams? The seam is a line where two or more layers of materials are paired together. This means that metal roof seams are a special line where different layers of the roof are attached. Now let us know how to seal metal roof seams.

A common question for those who live on metal roofs is that they have leaked on the roof of their house and they have to face different problems in different seasons. If the roofs are not sealed properly, then water will enter inside.

Using Kulak Butail tape to protect Chad from all these problems is low cost and at the same time very effective. These materials will prevent water ingress, prevent various chemicals, and are all-weather resistant.

Necessary tools

  • Six-inch butyl tape for horizontal sealing
  • Three-inch butyl takes for vertical sealing
  • Calking gun
  • Seam brush
  • Caulk solution
  • Push broom, paint spray machine, and topcoat sealant
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Here Is The Step-by-Step Processes

Step 01:

At the beginning of the work, remove all kinds of dirt from the metal roof, and then unnecessary materials. Now keep the necessary tools in one place.

Step 02:

Place butyl tape (which is 6 inches) on the edge of the horizontal seam lapping. When sealing, remove the backing and apply it gently at a 45-degree angle.

When using the tape ceiling, use the tape carefully. If bubbles appear somewhere while sealing the seams, repeat the whole process.

How To Seal Metal Roof Seams: Step-By-Step Processes

Step 03:

Now apply three-inch butyl tape on the entire metal seam in a vertical direction. Follow the steps that you followed in the previous step. When removing the backing, keep the tape very carefully.

You have to press the tape very carefully on the metal panel seam. If you find any gaps or bubbles, seal them well with tape.

Now that the tape has been sealed horizontally, seal it vertically with butyl tape.

Step 04:

It is time to apply water-proof caulk to both edges with a caulk gun and while doing this work, be very careful so that waterproof caulk reaches everywhere. Now you have to give time to dry for a while so that there is more seal. As a result of drying, it will be more useful.

Step 05:

Now finally apply a top coat of the caulk on the entire metal roof with the help of a brush or paint roller. This will make the sealing more perfect.

This way you can finish your work. And your metal roof seams will be completely sealed.

But one thing to note from the beginning is to do the whole process very carefully. Many subtle things can go wrong so work very carefully.

Frequently Asked Question 

How many types of metal roof seams are there?

Answer : There are two types of metal roof seams.

How long will it take to complete this total process?

Answer : It will take more than 2-3 hours.

Are there other ways to seal metal roof seams?

Answer : Yes, you can apply other processes if you want.

I have told you a process step by step that will cost very little.

You can apply another process if you want.

Can I do all these steps by myself?

Answer : Yes, you can do all the steps by yourself.

Conclusion :

I have described the whole process in the above article. Now you should have a clear concept on “how to seal metal roof seams”.

As I said before, I still say, you have to do the whole thing very carefully.

Hopefully, now you can seal the metal roof seams of your own house. Best of luck.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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