Any item that is exchanged for money or something is called selling. In other words, tempting a person or company to buy something for money is selling. 

But the question here is if someone does not exchange money in good faith then is it selling? The answer is no

Today’s content is about commercial roofing sales. Now to know about selling and how to sell commercial roofing, you need to know the answer to the question “how to sell commercial roofing”. 

Read the content from beginning to end to know the rest of the selling-related questions along with the answer.

How to sell commercial roofing: Steps to follow

To sell your commercial roofing, you must know the process you have to go through. That’s because the selling of commercial roofing is a little bit different than other products.

But first of all, let’s have an in-depth idea about different types of selling methods.

How many types of selling methods are there?

There are different types of selling methods and systems. Some of these methods are very useful and some are better to avoid.

Here are some of the main ones.

High pushing sell

Many sellers are pushing the buyer to buy the product while selling a product. Various lies about the product persuade the buyer to buy the product.

 I mean, they don’t want to hear No from the buyer. So, it is better to avoid this method.

Transactional selling

In this type of selling, there is no buyer-seller relationship. In this process, the product is sold very quickly.

It has both good and bad sides. To sell quickly, the possibility of buying from the same shop later decreases. The good side is that many buyers want to buy the product quickly and leave.

Consultative selling

In this type of selling, the main target of the seller is to build a good relationship with the buyer.

The main goal is to provide good service by understanding the mind of the buyer by building a good relationship. 

In this way, good service can be given and at the same time, there is a good relationship between buyer and seller.

Collaborative selling

It is a method of buying and selling by becoming a partner through the mutual relationship between buyer and seller. In this way, trust is created between the two and understanding is much better.

How To Sell Commercial Roofing

What are the requirements to sell commercial roofing?

The seller must have the ability to build a good relationship with the buyer.

If you want to sell, you have to have the capability to build a good relationship in the beginning. 

After that, you have to create a long-term relationship with the buyer through various discussions related to products. So that in future the buyer comes to buy the product again.

Must have the ability to listen to the buyer and be patient

Not everyone can listen to customers with patience. If you want to sell roofing, you must have the ability to listen to the customer.


A successful seller must have the ability to motivate himself. You have to motivate yourself to be successful without ever blaming your failure.


Self-promotion is very important. The number of buyers can be increased by promoting your product well. 

Products can be promoted on social media in different ways. Moreover, you can promote with Posters, various promotional materials.

How to sell commercial roofing

We have discussed some of the effective techniques and some types of selling systems. If you have read them well, the selling process should be easy.

Now, there are 7 simple steps to sell commercial roofing that you can easily sell commercial roofing.

Step by step guideline

Most professional roofing sellers talk about the following 7 major steps. Below is a detailed discussion.

  • Prospecting
  • Preparation
  • Approach
  • Presentation
  • Handling objections
  • Closing
  • Follow-up

Step 01: Prospecting 

When a customer comes to your company, the first thing to do is to find out his state of mind. That is, you need to have the ability to understand the customer’s needs at the first sight.

Then what kind of roofing will you sell? Whether the customer can buy that roof. Understanding how much they can afford is part of your selling quality.

Step 02: Preparation 

Now when you have an idea about a customer. Then prepare everything before approaching. Know the answers to all possible questions about commercial roofing. Get an idea of ​​what the customer may ask.

Step 03: Approach 

Now you have to approach the customer. You can approach the client in different ways. The client has to be approached through eye contact or direct contact. 

One of the different ways to approach is to go with a gift or to approach with a question about commercial roofing, you can also approach with a product review.

Step 04: Presentation 

In this step, you approach the client by creating a presentation with commercial roofing. Give a presentation on how long-lasting products or how cost-effective, how to use them.

Step 05: Handling object

The most underrated step is the handling object. At this level, you have to handle all the objects efficiently.

Step 06: Closing 

In this step, your client will give you a decision after seeing your presentation. 

Maybe he or she buys or not so that you can move forward. However, it is not easy to give up. Customers can be persuaded to buy the product in different ways.

You can say a price by keeping your profit, or you can give a discount. You can give a guarantee of how long it will last. In this way, attract the customer and finish the sale.

Step 07: Follow-up

Selling commercial roofing to your customer does not mean your work is done.

Once the product is sold, you need to create a good relationship so that the customer will come to you again or the customer will encourage his friends to buy from your store. 

Older customers should have a better relationship with you and give them your products at a lower price than before.

The main feature of a good seller is to get along well with the customer and maintain a good long-term relationship.


Selling commercial roofing is not a difficult task. You can easily sell if you follow the above steps and maintain the rest of the procedures.

I hope you have found the answer to the question “how to sell a commercial roof” and the rest of the question.

Hopefully, you will be a good seller after reading this content.

Best of luck.


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