A metal roof is 2-3 times more expensive than a normal roof, so surely you don’t want your metal roof to be ruined. It also has many good aspects such as a metal roof that lasts a long time, and is very suitable for winter.

Like everyone else, you must have bought by looking at the good aspects. Now let’s take a look at the care of the metal roof.

Sometimes the metal roof can rust, sometimes the metal roof can be sweating. The sweating of metal roofs can be prevented in different ways. One of them is insulation.

If you read the following article carefully, you will know “how to stop a metal roof from sweating”.

What Is Metal Roof Sweating?

When excess humidity condenses under a metal roof and the temperature is below the prescribed due point, it is called metal roof sweating. In winter, it often happens that water is dripping from the roof. And this condition is certainly very unpleasant. 

How To Stop A Metal Roof From Sweating

Why Is The Metal Roof Sweating?

There are many reasons for metal roof sweating. One of them is the temperature difference. Usually, in winter, the outer side of the metal roof is hot and the inner side is cold. This is the difference in temperature for which in the inside of the metal roof excess humidity condenses and causes sweating.

High humidity is a common cause of sweating in the metal roof. That can be heating and AC systems, gash fire heating components, human respiration, since these all give off moisture vapor.

What Is The Effect Of Sweating On A Metal Roof?

  • Metal roof corrosion occurs. When moisture is exposed then the metal roof can oxidize which results in corrosion. This corrosion must be removed.
  • The insulating system of the metal roof for sweating is reduced and the metal is damaged.
  • Insect infestation increases for metal roof sweating.

The probability of these problems increases according to the place and type of weather. Here is how to get rid of all these problems.

How To Stop A Metal Roof From Sweating?

There are some methods to prevent sweating on a metal roof. You can do it separately or go through all these methods to prevent the sweat of your metal roof. These are;

  1. Ventilation of the roof well.
  2. Roof pitch.
  3. Keep the inside of the roof dry.
  4. Insulation. 
  5. Anti sweating layer.

Ventilation Of The Roof Well

The first step in protecting the roof from sweating is to arrange ventilation.

The difference between the temperature inside and outside the room is mainly due to sweating. 

Now if you do good ventilation, then the humid air can come out from inside so that no more water can accumulate on the inside of the roof. Therefore, if ventilation is done, the moist air will be able to escape from sweating.

 Metal Roof From Sweating can stop Ventilation Of The Roof Well

Roof Pitch

The pitch below the metal roof and more deep damage increase the sweat of the metal roof. The lower roof pitch is that when collecting condensate it does not go down the slope of the roof until it forms droplets.

With a steep pitch, the air can flow up to the ridge and disperse moisture. As a result, no more droplets will be made and even more will be left out of the building.

 Metal Roof From Sweating can stop using Roof Pitch

Keep The Inside Of The Roof Dry

You know, moisture is created from the air. But if you build a house with concrete, the moisture can rise to the surface with the soil and can cause sweating on your metal roof.

So if some space is left between the house and the ground in which air can circulate, then the water vapor of the ground will not come up and destroy your roof.


Since the temperature drops below the dew point, sweating starts, so arranging for insulation will stop sweating on your roof.

You can do insulation in two ways.

  1. Paints the inside of the roof
  2. If the insulation bonded sheet can be attached to the roof like wallpaper, sweating will stop.
 Metal Roof From Sweating can stop Insulation

Anti sweating layer

This is the last method to stop your metal roof from sweating. In this method, an anti sweating layer should be well stuck on the inner side. This layer acts as a buffer. When sweating starts, it will be absorbed by this layer and the humidity inside and outside the room will be equal.

As the humidity becomes equal, droplets will no longer form.


If you read the entire article, you have surely got clear concept on “how to stop a metal roof from sweating”. If you follow any one or more of the above five methods, you will be benefitted.

If you apply the methods properly, your metal roof sweating will stop.

I hope you enjoyed the article.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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