Snows tend to get deposited over a metal roof. Over time, these tend to slide off metal roofs. This may cause various problems for you. So, you might wonder about how to stop snow from sliding off the metal roofs.

The process of stopping snow from sliding off metal roofs is quite straightforward. You just need to have some tools and knowledge about installing them.

However, you may not know about the procedure to stop snow from sliding off your metal roof. Let us walk you through the whole process to make it easier for you.

How To Stop Snow From Sliding Off Metal Roof

There are a number of ways to stop snow from sliding from the metal roofs. Some are easy but some are tricky. However, you can consider any of the methods mentioned below:

Methods Of Stopping Snow From Sliding Off Metal Roof

Method 01: Using Snow Guards

Snow guards are arguably one of the best options to stop snow from sliding off. These generally consist of pieces of metals in a slightly upward angle.

However, they have to be installed in numbers. These can hold snow from sliding off the roof.

It is necessary to keep in mind that snow guards do not completely stop snow from sliding off. Rather, these allow only a small amount of snow to slide off the roof at once. 

There are more positives to using snow guards. And there are a lot of snow guards in the market that can be installed with the help of adhesive. This releases you from the pain of drilling holes in the metal roof.

Method 02: Using Snow Fences

Generally, snow fences are installed near the edge of the metal roofs. If you have constructed your roof in such a method that you cannot install snow guards, using snow fences will surely save you.

Snow fences are like metal fences but some inches higher. Most importantly, they can be used if snow guards aren’t effective on your roof. 

Snow fences can hold off a huge amount of snow. These are especially operative against snow avalanches.

Method 03: Using Snow Diverters

Snow diverters are angular pieces of metal. In fact, snow diverters are metal structures angular in shape.

They divide the sliding snow and direct these around pipes, chimneys, and similar types of roofing structures. By diverting the snow, they also prevent snow buildup and damage to the metal roof.

The built-up snow can damage the metal roof surface by forming leaks. Snow diverters don’t essentially stop the snow from entirely sliding off, rather, they minimize the amount of snow sliding off the metal roof.

Method 04: Using Snow Rakes

You can get it by using snow rakes if you do not have any permanent instruments installed for preventing snow from sliding off the roof.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you are using a snow rack with a long handle. Using a short-handled snow rack will make your job harder.

After that, get rid of the snow using the snow rack. Keep in mind that, you have to regularly clean up the roof so that a large amount of snow does not build up the roof.

Method 05: Installing Roof Shingles

Normally metal roofs are made up of large sheets of metal. These do not have enough friction to stop snow from sliding off the metal roof.

You can install roof shingles as a countermeasure. Here, roof shingles will increase friction which in turn will prevent the snow from sliding off your roof. Moreover, These will create a protective layer over the existing roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should snow guards be placed on a metal roof?

Ans: Snow guards are installed one or two feet above the edges of your metal roof.

2. Does snow stick to metal roofs?

Ans: Metal roofs are designed in such a way that snow does not pile up over the roof. Rather, snow slides off the metal roof quite easily.

3. How many rows of snow guards do You need?

Ans: You can place one snow guard every 40 inches over the entire roof.


Metal roofs are durable and very good against snowfall. However, these cannot stop a large amount of snow from sliding off. We hope that now you have an understanding of how to stop snow from sliding off the metal roof. 

Stopping a large amount of snow from sliding off the metal roof is important. That’s because this phenomenon can not only damage your cars and home but also makes it risky for your family and pets.

If you have read through all the methods, we are sure that you now know which method will work for you. All you have to do is use any of the above-mentioned methods that suit your budget and seem easy to you. 


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