A metal roof lasts way longer than an asphalt shingle roof or concrete roof.

Strapping is a very important factor in installing a metal roof. If you can’t do the strapping properly, you can’t install the metal roof properly.  Read the following content to know the easy way to strap.

Now, let’s focus on the answer to the question of  “how to strap a roof for metal roofing?”

In this content, all the questions will be answered including why would you do strapping, if not, what will happen, how to do it,.

So, keep reading.

How To Strap A Roof For Metal Roofing: An In-depth Guide

Strapping a roof for metal roofing is a crucial process. But you can make it easy if you know the proper way. For you, we have described the step-by-step process in the rest of the part of the content. 

Why Is It Important For Installing A Metal Roof?

Many homeowners ask the question “do I have to install the strap for metal roofing?”

Well, If you install a metal roof even without strapping,  it can be done. It gives a homeowner some basic benefits.

Now, focusing on the question “why is it important? ” If you want to install a metal roof, you must screw. A structure made of wood that is used to fasten a screw is called a strap. 

This means you need a strap to screw the metal roof. However, if you want, you can screw it directly, you don’t need to strap it.

In addition, during the summer or winter, the water condenses and flows through the metal roof, which can damage the lower layers. 

Strapping results in a gap between the metal roof and the existing roof which allows ventilation and prevents water vapor from condensing which protects the roof from damage.

 So, it is important to install a strap for a metal roof. 

How Many Types Of Strapping? 

Before knowing how to do strapping, let’s take a look at how many types of strapping can be done. Then it will be convenient for you to install. 

There are three main types of straps. The details are discussed below. The strap is mainly made from wood.

No Straps 

I have discussed in detail above that you may not install strapping if you want. The moisture contained in the area between the roof and the existing roof condenses and damages the roof.

Single wood strap

Single wood straps provide at least the ventilation system due to the space between the two layers.

But single wood strapping is not effective because adequate ventilation is not provided and at the same time, the roof is uneven. The roof is swollen or hollow in different places.

Double wood strap

The double wood strap can solve all these problems because double wood strapping can provide adequate light and air circulation so that water vapor cannot condense and is flat all over the roof. 

In addition, double wood strapping helps to increase the strength of the roof and increase its durability. 

So, when you install strapping, double wood strapping is more effective than others.

Strapping A Roof For Metal Roofing 

As a homeowner, your main objective should be how to get the job done at a low cost. 

And you can do the easy work of strapping by yourself. Hence, doing it by yourself will reduce the cost, and gradually you will be able to do the job properly.

Necessary tools

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk line
  • Ladder

Step By Step Guidelines On Strapping A Roof For Metal Roofing 

Step 01:

First of all, remove the shingle for strapping. 

Then you have to put down membrane or tar paper. After that, you can strap it and put it on your metal roof, or you can put the metal roof right onto the plywood surface after you put down asphalt or membrane.

You can strip directly on top of the shingle as well. I am in favor of strapping directly on the shingle.

Step 02

Measure one side of the roof from bottom to top with measuring tape. 

Now, place the strap on the top corner and the bottom corner on the other two sides, and then nail it with a hammer. The straps should be 4 inches wide, and the length should be according to the size of the side roof.

Step 03:

Once the strap is installed around the roof, measure the rest of the roof in the next step. 

Find the number of straps dividing it by 24. Then measure with measuring tape 24 inches and mark with a chalk line. 

Step 04:

In this way, leave a gap of 24 inches between the two straps and mark. Mark the whole roof shingle like this.

The straps you are installing around will be 6 inches smaller than the middle strap. Measure as many straps as you need for covering the whole roof.

Step 05:

Now set the straps in place. Once the setting is done, nail it with a hammer. 

Once the nails are nailed in this way, you have to check carefully to see whether there are any gaps. 

The width of each metal panel is usually 24 inches. So I recommend leaving 24 inches blank. If the width of the panel is less, then keep the space between the straps accordingly.

Step 06:

After strapping, install the panel on it, and then nail it. This is how a metal roof can be installed. However, if you follow the steps above, you will be able to install the strap on your roof.

What Safety Must Be Maintained?

1. When climbing on the roof with a ladder, get up carefully.

Get up on the roof using safety shoes. The ladder and the roof are slippery, so safety shoes must be used.

2. Use the tool belt where the hammer nail will have everything so that all the things can be found easily, and you can do the work properly.

3. When nailing with a hammer, nail carefully. If you wear gloves, later even if you get hurt, you won’t have much problem with your hands. Do all the work carefully.


Strapping is not a difficult task. The easy step-by-step guideline is given above which will make your work easier. Now to complete the metal roofing, you need to know the answer to the question of “how to strap a roof for metal roofing ” question. 

Hope that you have got all the solutions to your question in this content. And you must keep in mind the issue of your safety.

Best of luck.


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