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The tarp is a special cover made of water-resistant hard and flexible material. Most of the special properties of plastic are waterproof tarp is no exception.

The tarp can be used as a temporary roof. For example, for a temporary camp, it is used as a picnic spot. If you go on a tour and camp at night, then a tarp can be used as your shelter.

The tarp is mainly used on roofs to deal with some temporary crisis.

If you read the whole article, you will learn “how to tarp a flat roof” and all your other questions will be answered. So, stay tuned.

What materials are made of tarp?

As you know from the introduction, tarp is a kind of hard, flexible, waterproof material. Therefore, materials that have these properties are water-resistant and can withstand minor damage will be used to make tarps.

All these properties are found in polymeric materials. The tarp is made of canvas or polyester coated with polyurethane ,  mainly plastic-type materials such as polythene are used in making tarp. These materials are light in weight as well as they have the above characteristics.

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Types of tarps

There are mainly 4 types of tarps.These are;


plastic that is discarded is made into poly tarp through the recycling process. Polythene tarp is made by sandwiching many lattice-like layers.

This type of tarp is most commonly used in the world as it has some important factors, for example ; Uv resistant, tough, dust resistant, chemical resistant, durability, etc. However, not all poly tarps are fire-resistant, so use them carefully in the vicinity of the fire.


The special feature of canvas tarp is that it is moisture resistant. Leaving the canvas tarp in one place for a long time can cause cracks. They are great for flame resistance and combustible material. The use of canvas traps for camp is much more.


Vinyl tarp is most commonly used in the industry, especially in heavy industries where acid consumption is high. The vinyl tarp is designed to be water and abrasion-resistant in this way.

Polyvinyl tarp does not allow acid, oil, grease to enter. It is very effective in protecting the health of workers in heavy industries. This tarp is also used in agriculture.


A mesh tarp is made of nylon threads. It is not as resistant as other tarps. Sunlight penetrates less inside. Usually, a mesh tarp is used to provide shade in the garden, outside the golf court. The mesh tarp is not suitable for use on the roof.

how to tarp a flat roof

How to tarp a flat roof 

Natural disasters such as tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes, floods, and other types of disasters are the first to damage your home. 

Especially if the roof is damaged, it is not possible to work without a tarp. And no one can find an expert during such a disaster, so you have to do it yourself. And it is my responsibility to make you an expert in tarps!

There is no chance of negligence if your roof is slightly damaged such as cracked or broken. The best solution at this time is to install a tarp. It is low in price and it’s more effective. The trap is able to protect your roof from rain, sun, and storm for 90 days without any hassle.

Installing the tarp is not a difficult task, you can install it yourself without any help if you want. If you follow some steps, you will become a pro in installing. The steps are discussed in detail below.

Everything you need

. High quality is the woven poly tarp

• wooden planks(4×2)

• Nails

• Hammer

• Screw gun

• Utility knife

• Safety goggle

. Ladder

. Hand gloves

Step by step guideline

Step 01:

The first task will be to clean the unnecessary derbies. The roof is damaged due to all this garbage and at the same time, it is difficult to install a tarp. So in the beginning, clean the whole roof well. And mark the leaks where the water enters the room.

Step 02:

In the second step, you have to take the size of your roof where you will install the tarp. You can use 12′-16 ‘silver or 20′-30’ durable tarp available in different types of tarp shops.

Since you will always want the best thing for the house, buy the tarp that has the best price and quality. Cover the damaged sections where there is a leak.

Step 03

Create an anchor board in the third step. Use cap nails and hammer to attach the tarp to the board so that no more water or derbies can enter.

The board should be at least 2’longer than the width of the tarp board. Then attach  the silver and blue tarp  on the board. Secure the board to the roof with screws. If you want to turn off tearing, you can use another 2 × 4 tarp.

Step 04:

Attach 4 × 2 boards on both sides of the tarp to make it look like a sandwich. This sandwich will secure the tarp and out the roof water.

Step 05:

Extend the tarp on the roof and cut off the excess. Nail it well. Then attach it with the screw gun.

Step 06:

Lastly, check all the edges properly so that all the nail screws are well secured. Check whether the tarp is well secured with the board.

Benefits of tarp


The tarp is a special product that has many uses. Tarp has a lot of uses from home gardens to big industrial factories.

Protect your property 

Almost 90% of tarps are water, flame derbies resistant. So, it will protect your property from damage.

Floor covering 

You may use a tarp as your garage or basement floor covering. You don’t need to buy a carpet. Just buy a long tarp and use it as your floor covering. 


We know tarp is lightweight, so it can be used as a football or baseball field for shelter.


Tarp can be used in many work functions. 


When you buy a tarp, you should focus on some key features such as thickness, size, grommets, reinforcement, etc. With these key features  take some consideration such as mold, color, flame resistance, etc.

As a budget option, buy a good quality tarp within your budget range. And I hope you have got the answer of “how to tarp a flat roof”

Now, the last precaution will be to do all the most important things carefully. The nail  work should be done carefully when using the hammer.

Best of luck !


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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