A roofing hatchet is a multitasking instrument. However, not everyone knows how to use it as it is a very strange-looking tool. I will discuss in detail how to use it in this content.

If you want to know how to use this tool, you need to know the answer to the question “how to use a roofing hatchet”. 

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In this context, you will get a complete idea about roofing hatchet, how to use it, what are the advantages and disadvantages and what are precautions to be taken while using it.

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How To Use A Roofing Hatchet: A Complete Guideline

As a multitasking tool, a roofing hatchet can be very handy in your roofing project. You just need to know how to use it. And we are going to let you know the process. But first of all, let’s explore the benefits of using a roofing hatchet.

Why Should You Use A Hatchet Even Though You Have A Hammer?

A hatchet is a kind of tool that looks a lot like a hammer. It has two sides- a hammerhead on one side and a notch on a blade for extracting nails on the other side.

The hammer and hatchet are different because there is a functional difference between them. However, another name for a hatchet is the roofing hammer. 

It is usually used for various purposes of roofing such as Nailing, nail extracting, shingle cutting, etc. This one is also used for other purposes as well.

On the other hand, a simple hammer is mainly used only for nail work. There is no other function to do the rest.

Step By Step Guidelines On How To Use A Roofing Hatchet

Step 01: 

One side of the roofing hammer looks a lot like an ax. A roofing hammer is used for cutting. Although the hatchet is not thin, this blade is a perfect tool for cutting hard things. 

Hatchet is used to cut the roofing shingle. First fix the shingle that will be cut and then mark with a chalk line. When the marking is done, strike the hatchet and finish the cutting. 

When the work is done, slowly remove as much of the cut as it is along the chalk line. In this way, you can cut your roofing shingle with the help of a hatchet. 

Step 02:

The hatchet has a kind of gauge for measuring with which you can easily measure the roofing shingle. If you need to cut, you can measure with the help of a roofing hatchet. 

If you want to put nails somewhere, you need to measure a certain distance between the two nails. And you can measure this distance with a hatchet. Moreover, it is necessary to measure how much shingle will be removed. 

Measure one end of the shingle with one end of the gauge like a scale.

Step 03:

The hatchet has a hammerhead on one side which acts as a hammer. First, mark the place where the nail is to be applied, and then place the nail in the right place. 

Now, place the hammerhead on the side of the hatchet along the middle of the nail. In this way, you can nail it with the help of a hatchet.

Step 04:

Another special aspect of the hatchet is that it has an ax-like blade on the side and a notch on this side of the blade. Nails can be easily removed with the help of this notch.

First, place the hatchet in the space between the nail and the roofing shingle. Then insert the nail into the space of the notch. 

This way, you can easily remove the top nail of the roofing shingle.

Step 05:

Another special use of the hatchet is to remove the roofing shingle with the help of a hatchet. 

After the roofing shingle is cut, insert the blade edge of the hatchet into the shingle, and then invert the shingle completely 180 degrees. In this way, you can easily remove a roofing shingle.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hatchet 

Like all other tools, there are some good and bad aspects of the hatchet. Described below.


1. The hatchet can be used very easily. Everyone can use a hammer and axe.  And the combination of these two is a hatchet. So it can be used easily.

2. If you want to camp somewhere, the place needs to be cleaned. Hatchet can be used as an alternative to the axe here. 

3. With the help of a hatchet, small or medium types of trees can be easily cut. It can be used as a perfect tool to clean around the house. Hatchets can also be used where tents need to be nailed.

4. If a lot of work can be done with such a tool, the tool cost will be reduced, and the work can be done easily.


The only disadvantage of a hatchet is that it weighs more. It has more weight due to having two sides towards the head.

So, it cannot be carried everywhere.  People of all ages cannot use it because of its excess weight. Nonetheless, a hatchet is a very useful tool.

What caution should be maintained during hatchet use?

1. Hatchet is Used in hammering. So be careful while hammering somewhere. Hand gloves will give you safe while working with a hatchet. Do not touch the hatchet while nailing.

2. The hatchet is heavy, it can slip out of your hands when you strike. So, keep the handle well inside the hand and then start working. Otherwise, it may harm you or someone else.

3. It has a blade on one side, an unexpected accident can happen if it gets stuck in the hand while cutting something.  So be careful when cutting.


In the end, it is a groundbreaking discovery. With this, many tasks can be done easily. The work of four different tools is being done with one tool which is a mysterious thing indeed!

Many things can be done together, that’s why it is normal not to know the correct usage. So, to make it easier for you, all your questions have been answered in the content on “how to use a roofing hatchet”.

Hopefully, you have found all the answers to your question. 

And as always, maintaining safety is the biggest thing. Safety must be maintained while working. The advantage of a hatchet is much more. I hope you have already benefited from the hatchet.

Best of luck.


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