Tile roofs are generally quite durable. But when you walk on a tile roof, you may apply too much pressure on the tile roof. As a result, the tiles may crack or break. For this reason, you might want to know how to walk on tile roof.

It would be best to avoid walking on a tile roof. But, you might need to clean or repair your tile roof. In that case, there is no alternative to walking on your tile roof.

Hence, there is a proper way to walk on a tile roof. Let us guide you through the method step by step.

How to Walk on Tile Roof 

You will need very few tools to get on the roof. You should prioritize the method you will walk in rather than the tools you will need. 

Necessary Tools

  • Ladder
  • Safety harness
Walk on Tile Roof

Step by Step Procedure

1. Checking the Condition of Roof

The first thing you need to make sure of is whether your roof is dry or not. If your roof seems wet, you must wait for it to get dry. Stepping on a wet roof increases the chances of cracking or breaking tiles.

2. Getting a Ladder

Next, you have to get a ladder. Manage a ladder that is at least 0.91m (3 feet) taller than your roof edge.

A ladder taller than the roof will help you maintain a stable footing as well as reduce the chances of an accident.

3. Selecting suitable shoes

You must not wear hard-soled shoes or boots. These will increase the risk of damaging the roof tiles. Wear shoes with soft soles to prevent any damage.

4. Using Safety Harness

You are better off using a safety harness in case you have a steep roof. Safety harness minimizes the severity of accidents. If you put on a safety harness, you will not fall directly to the ground even if you slip.

However, if your roof is not that steep, using a safety harness is not mandatory.

5. Stepping Over the Tiles

i.Stepping on the Bottom Tile

Once you’ve got up on the roof, you need to step on the tiles for walking. Make sure to step alongside the bottom part of the tiles.

The top and middle parts of the tiles have no supporting structures underneath them, whereas, the bottom of the tiles generally overlap with another row of tiles. 

This part is important as having no support makes the top and middle parts more prone to cracking or breaking. That’s why make sure to watch your step.

ii. Walking on Toes

Applying too much pressure while walking might end up breaking the tiles. Generally, the heels are the thickest part. So, you should apply pressure on your toes. As a result, you will not be putting a huge amount of pressure on the roof. 

In case the roof tiles are wavy or have curves, make sure to step on the peak of the tiles.

iii. Even Distribution of Weight

You should maintain a balance with your feet. Make sure that you don’t put pressure on a single tile. Rather, put your pressure uniformly on the tiles.

You must not jump or run on the roof. Running or jumping will cause an increase in pressure. Moreover, the impact from your feet may end up cracking the tiles.

iv. Avoiding Broken or Cracked Tiles

If you see any tiles with a crack on them, avoid that tile. Stepping on it may end up breaking the tile.

Additionally, avoiding any broken tile is also a must to prevent any further damage to your tile roof.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can you walk anywhere on a tile roof?

Ans: Generally, it is discouraged to walk on a tile roof. However, if you must walk on the tile roof, make sure to step on the bottom part of each tile.

2. Can you climb on a tile roof?

Ans: Yes, you can climb on a tile roof using a safety harness. You also need to be careful and slow while climbing.

3. Is it safe to stand on a tile roof?

Ans: Tiles roofs generally have a slope. It is not a good idea to stand on a tile roof. Because of the steep slope, tile roofs can be very dangerous to stand on.


Walking on a tile roof without proper knowledge might damage your roof as well as cause various accidents. And we hope that you have a clear understanding of how to walk on tile roof.

You may not have any prior knowledge about walking on a tile roof. With that in mind, we have tried our utmost to help you gather knowledge about it.

You should be able to avoid any damage in the event that you understood all the steps mentioned above. We wish you all the best.


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