When it comes to roofing, square footage is a term that gets thrown around a lot. If you’re planning a roofing project or simply curious about your home’s dimensions, you might wonder whether the roof’s square footage matches that of the house. It’s a common question, and the answer is both yes and no. Let’s clarify this in simple terms.

Understanding Square Footage

To grasp the concept, let’s start with the basics:

1. House Square Footage

The square footage of a house refers to the total interior space, including all the rooms, living areas, and any enclosed areas, such as closets. It’s the space you can walk around in and use for various purposes. When you see a home listed for sale, the square footage typically represents this interior space.

2. Roof Square Footage

In contrast, the square footage of a roof represents the total exterior surface area of the roof. It includes all the slopes, angles, and overhangs that make up the roof’s structure. This measurement is essential for determining the amount of roofing materials needed for a project.

Why Aren’t They the Same?

The reason the square footage of a roof is not the same as that of a house is due to the roof’s design and structure. Roofs are not flat, uniform surfaces; they have multiple slopes and angles. These varying angles and shapes create a larger exterior surface area than the house’s interior.

Calculating Roof Square Footage

To calculate the square footage of your roof, you would need to consider each section separately, taking into account the pitch or slope of each area. This process can be quite complex, and it’s usually best left to roofing professionals who have the tools and expertise to make accurate measurements.


In conclusion, a roof’s square footage is not the same as a house’s square footage. A house’s square footage represents the interior living space, while the roof’s square footage accounts for the entire exterior surface area of the roof, including all its slopes and angles.


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