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If you want to install a metal roof, then you need a specialized tool like a tin snip for cutting the metal. 

Metal roofing has many advantages. And for incorporating a metal roof into your home, you need to prepare & install it perfectly. That’s why you need the best tin snips for metal roofing.

But there are many suitable choices available. Therefore, before finalizing the tool you want to use, you should try to learn all about the topmost tin snips for metal roofing. This will help you to find the most suitable tool for your work.

Now, for starters, let’s take a look at this comparison table below.

Comparison Table

Product NameBlade QualityType of Body MaterialType of the Tin Snip
IRWIN Tin SnipPrecision ground-edgeSteelStraight Pattern
Scientific Models Tin SnipShearing-edge SteelStraight Pattern
Wiss Straight Pattern SnipDrop-forged SteelStraight Pattern
Crescent Wiss Utility SnipHigh-quality steelStainless SteelStraight Pattern
Mobarel Off-set Tin SnipDrop-forged with hardened cutting edgeChrome Molybdenum AlloyIdeal Off-set
Clauss Tin SnipPrecision ground-edgeTitaniumStraight Pattern
Malco Aluminum SnipPrecision ground-edgeAluminumStraight Pattern
Stanley Long Nose Off-set SnipHardened Cutting EdgeChromium VanadiumLong Nose Off-set
Utoolmart Tin SnipChrome-vanadium cutting edge Chrome Vanadium SteelStraight Pattern
ALLEX Tin SnipJapanese carbon-forged Japanese carbon steelStraight Pattern

10 Best Tin Snips for Metal Roofing Reviews

There are many tin snips available with distinctive features. You should know different features before finalizing your choice.

Here, we have prepared a review for the 10 best tin snips for metal roofing. The article will guide you to choose the best one for you.

1# IRWIN Tin Snip

 IRWIN is the Best Tin Snips for Metal Roofing
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This is a very popular tool that comes with a flat blade and can cut up to 20-gauge cold-roll steel & about 22 gauge stainless steel.

IRWIN tin snip has good precision ground edges which ensure high-quality cutting. It also comes with durable spring washers. The drop-forged steel blades ensure higher strength & lifetime. 

This tin snip is easy to use and doesn’t curl sheet metal while cutting. The product can be useful in cutting fabric, carpet, steel, solar material, etc. as well.

This is a very good tool for its price range. And these versatile features make this tin snip worthy of checking out.


  • Provides good durability
  • It has a good sturdy body
  • Doesn’t curl metal when cutting
  • Ensures high-quality cutting


  • Using this tool needs much strength
  • Big hands might be necessary

2# Scientific Models Tin Snip

Scientific Models Tin Snip
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The tin snip made by Scientific Models is another popular tool in this genre. This tool comes with shearing-edged steel jaws that can easily slice through different materials like plastic, tin sheet, copper, etc.

It has slim jaws and that ultimately helps us to give good control. It is 7 inches long which also helps to give good power. The body is made from steel which ensures durability & sturdiness. 

The product is easy to use as well. It is only 3.8 ounces in weight which makes it lightweight & easy to carry around. These versatile features also make this tin snip in our top tin snip list.


  • Good control is ensured
  • Can cut different materials
  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Provides good durability & sturdiness exterior


  • It might not give perfect cutting

3# Wiss Straight Pattern Snip

Wiss Straight Pattern Snip
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Wiss comes with quality & heavy-duty tin snip. It can cut through 23 gauge low-carbon steel.

This drop-forged steel hot tin snip is known for its cutting quality as it can cut both straight and wide curves. The drop-forged steel blades also ensure higher durability & strength.

The Wiss tin snip is very suitable for use in plumbing, air conditioning, and roofing trades. The blades are even rust-resistant.

The tin snip comes with a good comfortable cushioned handle which also helps to give better grip. In fact, blades are suited for the best cutting efficiency. It is lightweight as well.


  • Blades are rust-resistant
  • Includes comfortable cushioned handle
  • Good gripping is possible
  • Provides versatile usage
  • Good durability and strength 
  • Light and easy to carry 


  • Not ideal for a budget-friendly option

4# Crescent Wiss Utility Snip

Crescent Wiss Utility Snip
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This is another popular high-quality utility tin snip that Wiss offers. The product comes with strong and high-quality steel blades. And the steel blades have good corrosion resistance.

The Wiss utility tin snips come with an ergonomic handle shape that promotes comfort and better gripping ability. This product is said to have good value for the money.

There is a spring action built-in which helps to reduce fatigue & imparts comfort to the user. Also, there is a thumb latch that is used to secure the closing of blades to prevent further accidents. 


  • High quality & durable blades
  • Blades have good corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic handle imparting comfort & gripping
  • Built-in spring to reduce fatigue
  • Excellent product for the money
  • Good sharp cutting 


  • The blade is comparatively shorter
  • The locking mechanism can be difficult

5# Mobarel Off-set Tin Snip

 Mobarel Off-set Tin Snip
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The brand Mobarel comes with a uniquely designed off-set tin snip that meets both ANSI & DIN standards. The tool is said to be rust-resistant. The blades are made from chrome which helps with durability & strength.

The tin snip comes with a unique one-handed locking which ensures easy opening & closing. The product also provides extra linkage that helps to increase mechanical leverage & efficiency.

This tool is said to be comfortable to use & provides superior cutting quality. Mobarel has brought us such high quality but different shaped tin snips . And so you should check it out.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Rust-resistant blades
  • Ensures great durability & sharpness
  • Provides one-handed unique locking mechanism
  • Offers extra linkage
  • Good stylish design
  • A sharp bite that prevents slipping


  • Handle grips seem to be be imperfect
  • Unsuitable for use in small holes

6# Clauss Tin Snip

Clauss Tin Snip
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The titanium bonded tin snip from Clauss is another popular high-quality tin snip available in the market. The tool is made to be resistant to corrosion & adhesive. It can be used for versatile functions like plumbing, air conditioning & roofing works.

The product handles are said to be non-slip cushions that give good control & comfort for the users. This tool is perfect for cutting through cold-rolled steels with a low carbon amount. 

The tin snip can be used to cut straight & notches and wide curves. Most importantly, it has a titanium bonded body which ensures durability and sturdiness. 


  • Corrosion & adhesive resistant blades
  • Provides versatile usage
  • Non-Slip comfortable cushion handles
  • Body material ensures durability & sturdiness
  • Comes with precision-ground blades
  • Good quality Cutting


  • A bit heavy to operate
  • Fingers holes are smaller comparatively  

7# Malco Aluminum Snip

Malco Aluminum Snip
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The Malco Company has brought a uniquely designed tin snip. And this one is popular in this genre for its sleek style, easy replacement of the blades & larger handles.

The unique design of the tin snip helps to improve the maneuverability of the users. Blades of this tin snip can be easily replaced which is a very unique feature. A wrench or nut driver is enough for replacing the blades.

This tin snip is perfect for cutting tight materials & it can even make straight shearing fast & easily. The blades are made to have precision ground edge & smooth surface for smooth cutting in all materials.


  • Easy replacement of the blades
  • Unique design increases maneuverability
  • Thicker loops provide additional comfort
  • Wider loops give more leverage
  • Gives straight fast & easy cutting 
  • Lightweight & comes with good quality material


  • Handles might feel a bit uncomfortable

8# Stanley Long Nose Off-set Snip

Stanley Long Nose Off-set Snip
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Long Nose off-set snips from Stanley is another uniquely designed snip that is made for better performance. This tool comes with an automatic release mechanism that can help and provide for good one-handed operations.

The tin snip can be used to cut about 18 gauge cold-rolled steel & 22 gauge stainless steel. The tool comes with a hardened cutting edge from induction to provide the longevity of the sharpness of the blades.

It is built with flush hardware that helps to prevent the tool from getting caught on the materials while cutting. The blades are made offset to allow the snip to move forwards without obstruction.


  • One-handed operations are possible
  • The tool doesn’t get caught in materials
  • Cuts 22 gauge stainless steel
  • The sharpness of blades stays long
  • Good body material increases durability
  • It can cut cold-rolled steel 


  • Might not cut tiles well

9# Utoolmart Tin Snip

Utoolmart Tin Snip
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Utoolmart has brought a versatile tin snip to the market. This tool comes with non-slip soft handles which give good comfort. The metal body part ensures the durability & strength of the tool.

There is a built-in spring that helps to reduce fatigue and helps to cut any material without much effort. And a sharp cutting edge provides good cutting ability & also prevents the material from slipping from its position.

As the tool is made from high-strength chrome vanadium steel, that ensures the quality of the tool & increases the longevity of the tin snip. This can be perfectly used for most lightweight pruning works.


  • Non-slip soft handles for comfort
  • High-strength vanadium steel is used
  • Built-in spring to reduce fatigue
  • Prevents material from slipping
  • Sharp cutting provides sturdy bite
  • Good durable material
  • Built-in locking mechanism


  • Blades are comparatively short 

10# ALLEX Tin Snip

 ALLEX Tin Snip
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This is an elegant high-quality stylish tin snip made by the company ALLEX. The tin snip comes with a durable and sturdy material that increases the longevity of the tool & increases work efficiency.

ALLEX tin snip can be used for cutting different types of metal sheets like tinplate, copper, aluminum & likewise. The tool can cut down metal sheets without much force. 

There is a spring-loaded handle that helps to reduce hand fatigue & improve the efficiency of the work. The tool comes with unique sharpness resulting from Japanese carbon steel. Slightly bent blades are convenient for curved cutting.


  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Good durability and sturdiness
  • Can cut different materials effortlessly
  • Spring-loaded handle to remove fatigue
  • Unique sharpness of blades
  • Blades are convenient for curved cutting
  • Ergonomic handle for better comfort

Top Pick

IRWIN Tin Snip is the best pick on our list. It not only provides a very low price but also provides versatile top-class features including durable & sturdy body, high-quality cutting & easy to use.

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Best budget

The best pick in the best budget section is Crescent Wiss Utility Snip. This product provides the lowest price in the market while giving high-quality versatile features including quality blades, comfortable handle with a built-in spring.

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Benefits of Best Tin Snips for Metal Roofing

The tin snips provide many advantages. You should keep these advantages & benefits in mind before choosing the best one for you. The benefits are addressed in the following.

Best Cutting Quality

For preparing metal roofing in your home, you need a good tool for cutting the metal roofing. The better the cutting quality of the tool, the better output you can attain from using the best tin snips.

Comfortable & Effortless Work Efficiency

The best tin snips are useful and comfortable to use. And the better tool helps to ensure better work efficiency in a very short period. Good sharp blades are always useful to cut any piece of metal or other materials in a very short time. 

Versatile Usage of the Tool

The best tin snips always have versatile usage. The tools can be used to cut down different types of materials like copper, aluminum, plastic, steel, etc. There are always situations where we can use a good tin snip for our purposes.

Perfect Measurement 

The tin snip can be used to cut down any material into any specified size and shape for any specified use. The best tin snip will be able to cut the material without much effort into the perfect size & shape.

Tin Snips for Metal Roofing

Buying Guide: Best Tin Snip for Metal Roofing

If you are willing to buy the best tin snip for metal roofing, then you should know what features you need to look for before finalizing your choice for attaining the best tool.

Type of the Tin Snip

There are so many different types of tin snip available and each comes with peculiar characteristics. Different tin snips can be used for different purposes. 

That’s why what work you want to do will influence your decision in choosing the most suitable type of tool for your work. There are straight-cut, offset, vertical tin snips with different features.

Material Consideration

At first, you need to consider the body material. If the material is of great quality, it will improve the longevity & durability of the tool. 

Blade Quality

Since, the blades will be used for cutting – the quality of the blade is of top-most importance. The blades should be sharp and durable and also smooth. If the blade is sharp, it can cut anything easily & fast. Also, if the blade surface is smooth, it will help to cut the metal sheet & others smoothly in a straight line.

Versatile Usage

The best tin snip should be able to cut down various materials like copper, aluminum, etc. besides steel. Everyone wants the best tin snip which will be usable in every situation for cutting any kind of material.

Ergonomic Handle with Good Grip

The handles of the tin snip are also of much importance because you will be using the handle for cutting material through the blades. So, only a good handle will be able to provide comfort and also reduce hand fatigue. A good grip should also be ensured.

Good Locking Mechanism

A good locking mechanism in a tin snip is always welcomed because that helps to prevent potential hazardous consequences. 


Does the tin snip provide good quality cutting?

Answer: It is necessary to access the high-quality cutting beforehand which can be addressed seeing the cutting quality of a material.

Is the handle of the tin snip comfortable?

Answer: A good ergonomic handle can impart comfort and ultimately reduce hand fatigue & ensures easy working.

Can the tin snip cut down various types of materials like copper, aluminum, and others?

Answer:  It is another big advantage that the tin snip can be used to cut versatile materials.

Is there a good locking mechanism?

Answer:  A good locking mechanism helps with the prevention of accidents. But not every tool comes with a built-in mechanism. 


All the products mentioned here are top products with good features. But from long consideration & analysis, we can come to a verdict that IRWIN Tin Snip and WISS Utility Snip are the best tools in this genre – which ultimately will help to provide the best result. 

These tools have good durability, good cutting quality, can be used for cutting different materials, comfortable to use & these two have the lowest price.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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