Once your roofing construction is over, you may have a bunch or two of extra shingles. Hence, a question can come to your mind: what can you do with roofing shingles? 

Though ordinary people may lack the ability to transform shingles back into other industrially useful chemicals, there are a multitude of methods to utilize them.

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What Can You Do With Roofing Shingles

What Can You Do With Roofing Shingles

You can carry your extra roofing shingles to the garbage, but I’m guessing that the dumps are already full of shingles.

You can do a lot of other things with your extra roofing shingles. We’re explaining some of them in this article.


Many roofing firms provide cleaning services in addition to new roofing surfaces and will transport your worn, stretched shingles to a recycling center where the components in the shingles may be recycled and reused. Old asphalt shingles can be used in highway buildings.

As A Material For Smaller Project

The remaining shingles can be utilized as a strong material for minor home improvements. You may cover a garage, doghouse, birdhouse, or other such outdoor building with them.

As An Oil Absorber 

Drips from a car or motorcycle’s undercarriage can create ugly oil stains on the floor of the garage or driveway. A large section of shingles will secure the surface on which your car is parked.

As A Front Walkway

Before winter arrives, put a strip of asphalt roofing shingles through your front entrance. The material’s textures provide traction, lowering the danger of tripping and falling.

As A Material Of Interior Decor

If you have a genuine slate or wood shingle roof, you may use leftover elements in your apartment’s interior design for extra aesthetic flair. You may even paint or dye the cedar shingles if you want.

As A Weed Blocker

Shingles are also excellent weed blockers. You can use them to keep weeds at bay in your gardening walks and around plants in your landscape. You may even cover the shingles with dirt to make them blend into your landscaping.

As A Back-splasher For The Kitchen Sink

Instead of redecorating beneath the sink, where water frequently splatters, use extra asphalt shingles. Before using them, cut them in the exact size you need them and then install them. For a better look, caulk the edges of the shingles.


So, I guess you’ve had your answer to what can you do with roofing shingles? Now, it’s time to use your leftover shingles. And, if you think those shingles aren’t of your use, you can donate them.

All the best to you. Stay safe, stay happy.


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