If you’ve ever had a conversation with a roofer or embarked on a roofing project, you might have encountered the term “square.” It’s not about geometry; it’s a unique roofing lingo. In this blog, we’ll demystify what roofers mean when they say “square” in simple terms.


Roofing involves its own set of jargon, and “square” is a fundamental concept. A square doesn’t refer to a geometric shape here; instead, it’s a practical way roofers measure roofing materials. Let’s delve into this term to make your next roofing project less puzzling.

Understanding the Square in Roofing

In the roofing world, a “square” isn’t about sides and angles; it’s about covering area. Specifically, one square represents 100 square feet of roofing material. Roofers use this unit of measurement to estimate and discuss the quantity of materials needed for a project.

How to Calculate the Number of Shingles in a Square

Now, you might wonder how many shingles are in a square. Well, it depends on the size and type of shingles you plan to use. Shingles come in various dimensions, so the count can vary. Here’s a straightforward method:

  1. Shingle Coverage Area: Check the packaging of your chosen shingles for the coverage area, usually measured in square feet per bundle.
  2. Calculate Shingles Needed for a Square:
    • Divide 100 (square feet in a square) by the coverage area per bundle.
    Example: If your shingles cover 33 square feet per bundle:
    • 100 (square feet in a square) ÷ 33 (square feet per bundle) = approximately 3 bundles of shingles per square.

So, for shingles covering 33 square feet per bundle, you’ll require roughly 3 bundles to cover one square.

Why Does Knowing This Matter?

Understanding what a roofer means when they say “square” holds practical significance:

  • Accurate Estimation: It allows you to estimate the precise amount of shingles or roofing material required for your project.
  • Budgeting: You can budget more effectively when you know the number of squares needed.
  • Efficient Purchasing: By calculating squares, you buy the right amount of materials, minimizing waste and costs.

In Conclusion

In roofing lingo, “square” signifies 100 square feet of roofing material. The quantity of shingles in a square depends on the size and coverage area of your chosen shingles. To figure it out, divide 100 by the square footage covered by a bundle of your shingles. Armed with this knowledge, you can have more informed conversations with roofers and plan your roofing projects with precision. Understanding the basics of roofing lingo like “square” ensures your roofing endeavors are less puzzling and more productive.


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