Normally using a thing for a long time reduces it’s  efficiency. Many people do not even know how long they have been using it.

Similarly, as a result of using your roof for a long time, its efficiency decreases after a while. There is a need to make a complete change after a certain period of time.

Now let’s come to the question.The question is “What is a tear-off roof?” Tear-off means completely removing your old roof and installing a new roof.

For various reasons, you have to change the roof and install a new roof. 

Moreover, there are some of the benefits of tear-off roofs and if you do not change the old roof, you will face various issues.

I will discuss this in detail in this content. 

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Why tear-off your roof necessary? 

When the old roof is damaged or broken in different places, then changing the roof is the best option.

Almost all contractors will ask you to tear off your old roof. The new shingle can be used for a while on top of the old shingle, but it will not be durable for a long time and at the same time there may be leaks in many places. 

Here are some valid reasons discussed below

  • If the roof is metal roof, then it can rust or if it is wood, then it can rot which requires tearing off of your roof.
  • Roofing shingle is a heavy object.In winter snow and ice add extra weight. If a new shingle roof is given over the old roofing shingle, then it will become heavier. For which you have to tear off your roof to reduce extra pressure.
  • Ice damming is another reason for tearing off your roof.
  • There is a layer of underlayment under the shingle of your roof. When the roof gets old, this layer is damaged. It does not have the same durability as before, which requires tear-off.
  • Roof warranty is another issue. Many shingle manufacturers say that whether you tear off or not, the warranty will be the same. But in fact, it does not happen. 

Can you roof over an existing roof?

When roof replacement is needed, the homeowner will want to know how to get the job done at a lower cost. This is why many people do roof over roofing without tearing it off. 

Although the cost is a little less, there are many disadvantages. With all these disadvantages in mind, tearing off your roof is the best solution.

Disadvantage of roof over an existing roof 

Leaks problem

When you re-roof your existing roof, it is not possible to detect any leaks due to carelessness. 

The conductor that will be hired for re-roofing may also be wrong. Also, if you tear off your old roof without this, a small leak cannot be removed. These small leaks can damage your roofing structure.

Add extra weight

Roofing over an existing old roof can cause excess weight. Now one roof or two roofs for which the lower roof can be damaged by absorbing heat. 

At the same time different bacteria, fungi can grow. Moreover, the structure on which the roof was placed can damage one roof for the rest of the structure. Normally double pressure on the same structure will damage the structure.

Will reduce property price

There is an important issue with shingle roofs over existing shingle roofs. The property value will be decreasing. 

When you go to sell your house, no one wants to buy the roofing over the existing old shingle. A study has found that tear-off roofed houses can be sold more than 69% than house roofing over existing old roofs. 

So, considering all these issues, tearing off the old roof is the best solution. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have to remove the roof, it will be easier to remove one roof than two roofs, so a single roofing is a better option.

How long does a tear-off roof last?

When you tear-off your roof and install a new roof, you will surely want to know how long your roof lasts.

A common question from all customers is how long my asphalt shingle roof is durable. A roofing constructor would say that the simple answer to this question would last 25 years.

There are three types of asphalt shingle roofs available in the store: three-tab, dimensional, and luxury. 

Three-tab and dimensional are more popular. Each has a separate manufacturing warranty; three tabs have a 25-year manufacturing warranty and dimensional asphalt shingle has a 30-year manufacturing warranty.

So, when you buy a new  roof, you should consider  the warranty of the roof.  

Advantages of tear-off roof

  • You can choose the materials of your choice. Every part of your roof will have new materials.
  • Most construction companies build the roof with lower quality materials for benefit.

 So if you tear it off, you can upgrade the roofing material.

  • As the material value of the old roof decreases, it cannot respond properly in different weather, so if you install a new roof, it will be able to respond to climate change.
  • Changing the roof increases its durability. After removing the old roof, it will be more durable to challenge heat, rain, wind, and snow.
  • Increases the roof life. When installing a new roof, it will increase more than 30 years of life.

The disadvantages of tearing off a roof

  • If you remove the old roof completely and install a new roof, it will cost a little more. This is a disadvantage of tearing off the roof.
  • The old roof must be dejected, otherwise various harmful gases may be created.


The old thing has to be thrown away after a while. Roofing is a very important material that provides your safety. Roofs give good service up to a certain period and then the roof gets damaged, and it should be replaced.

To replace your old roof , you need to know the answer to the question “what is tearing off a roof”. Surely You have got the answers to your questions in the content.

You may face some problems when the old roof will tear off. Different harmful gases can come out. Be careful or ask a professional to do so.

The ratio of advantages is much higher, so if you need to change the roof, tear off the roof.

Hope you have benefited. 

Best of luck.


As a civil engineer and roofer, I love to share the experience that I have gained through the last couple of years. In the roofing industry, practical experience is a very crucial fact that can help you a lot. Hence, I want to help you with my blog.

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