Obtaining a license or having appropriate roofing insurance is mandatory for contractors in some states. If you plan to do the improvements or any construction work on the roof, then you have to go through some laws and regulations.

Though every state does not set this limit. In some states, there is no requirement for a state license for the contractors.

The proper and actual licensing process requires applying to the board, hiring employees, bonding insurance, paying administrative fees, and so on. So, it’s most crucial to know whether the states you belong to require a license or not. Check: What States Require A Roofing License.

In this article, I will provide you what states do not require a roofing license. Let’s have a look.

What states do not require a roofing license

What states do not require a roofing license- An overview

If you want to have a legal construction business, holding a proper license is the most crucial thing in some states. But in some states, they only require certification or registration.

New York, Georgia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana, Colorado, New Hampshire, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont, Montana, Wisconsin, Washington, New Jersey, Kansas, Wyoming, and Indiana’s contractors are not bound to have specific state licenses. 

Though these states do not require a state license, they have some criteria for contractors to have the legality. 


If you want to take your roofing business to an upgrade position, then the following criteria are must to know in nuts and bolts.

  • In some states like Idaho, it is required to be registered with the Contractors Board. 
  • There is no requirement of education, experience, and examination in some states.
  • You have to show roof insurance and business information to the authority in Idaho.
  • States like Wyoming require local licensing before beginning the work. 
  • If you deal with a job over $50,000, then it is necessary to have a license in Delaware.
  • Repairing professionals and builders of home have to be registered in New Jersey.
  • You have to make sure about the compliance with all laws and regulations in Indiana.

Final thoughts

The criteria for different states are dissimilar. You have to know the requirements of license, regulations, and certifications where you reside. 

Otherwise, you may have to pay a fine or punishment for the lack of knowledge about what states do not require a roofing license.

To become confident, secure your payment, and build trust with your clients, keeping an appropriate license is a must where required.  

So, do your job properly and have a safe roofing!


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