After a period, your roof will need to be repaired or replaced entirely. Then you need to dump your old materials. In the case of shingles, your curious mind surely wants to know where can I take old roofing shingles?

You’ll be very happy to know that you can donate, recycle, and repurpose your old roofing shingles. As well as donating and recycling, also you can just dump them in a landfill.

You’ll get to know the details through this article. So, keep reading.

Where Can I Take Old Roofing Shingles?

The majority of shingles are manufactured from asphalt, which is plentiful in all landfills. So. It’s easy to dispose of them in a landfill.

But, you have three other options for old roofing shingles. One is donating them and the two others are recycling them and repurposing them. But, all four options have some system to follow. You better read the article to know all about the process.

Where Can I Take Old Roofing Shingles

When You Need To Take Off Your Old Shingles

Some indicators indicate when it is better to change your roof shingles. The signs are;

  • Shingle sides that are curled or cupped
  • Bald patches on your asphalt shingles
  • Asphalt shingles with cracks
  • The development of fungus on asphalt shingles

Disposal Of Old Roofing Shingles 

In which way you can dispose of old roofing shingles depends on the condition of the shingles. So, before selecting the way of disposal, make sure the shingles are totally perfect for the process. 

Donate The Shingles

This might happen if the shingles getting replaced are in good shape but you merely want a different color or design or an earlier restoration to increase the value of a property you want to sell.

Some organizations may purchase or remove your old, fine shingles for gratis and then utilize them for philanthropic purposes to roof moderate homes.

Recycling The Shingles

In a dump, shingles take 4 hundred years to decompose. This is a huge waste because old and broken components may be simply repurposed.

Recycled asphalt shingles are generally utilized as a material in asphalt mixture to make highway pavement. One ordinary home’s shingles may cover roughly 200ft. of a roadway with two lanes.

Repurposing The Shingles

Some people purchase used shingles to reuse them for new purposes. It’s easy to make stair grips out of discarded roofing shingles.

To avoid marks on the pavement or basement floor, some individuals use shingles to absorb oil and other car fluids. Simply place them on your paths and sidewalks to give support, stability, and traction to your stride.

In A Landfill

You need to prepare a dumpster to throw away your old roofing shingles. It can be possible that your old roofing shingles get no chance of donating, recycling or repurposing. Then you need to dispose of them in the landfill.


Hopefully, you’ve got the answer to your question, “where can I take old roofing shingles”. So, check your shingles before replacing them. You can discuss the disposal process with your contractor.

All the best to you. Stay safe, stay happy.


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