Roofing can be a rewarding career, but if you’re considering entering the field or looking to relocate for better opportunities, you might wonder where roofers make the most money. In this blog, we’ll explore different factors that influence roofing wages and highlight regions where roofers tend to earn higher incomes.

Factors Affecting Roofer Salaries

Before we pinpoint specific regions, let’s understand the factors that influence roofer salaries:

1. Location: Regional cost of living, demand for roofing services, and local economic conditions play a significant role in determining wages.

2. Experience: Experienced roofers typically earn more than beginners. They have honed their skills and can take on more complex projects.

3. Specialization: Roofers with expertise in specialized areas, such as installing solar panels or working with high-end roofing materials, often command higher wages.

4. Company Size: Larger roofing companies may offer better compensation packages than smaller ones.

5. Licensing and Certification: In some regions, holding specific licenses or certifications can lead to higher-paying opportunities.

High-Paying Regions for Roofers

Now, let’s explore some regions where roofers tend to make the most money:

1. Urban Areas: Major cities often have a higher demand for roofing services due to the density of buildings. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago offer competitive roofer salaries.

2. High-Cost-of-Living Areas: Areas with a high cost of living, such as San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston, tend to pay roofers more to compensate for the increased expenses.

3. States with Extreme Weather: Regions prone to severe weather conditions, like Florida, Texas, and the Gulf Coast, often require frequent roofing repairs and replacements, leading to higher demand and better pay for roofers.

4. Booming Construction Markets: States with thriving construction industries, such as Texas, Florida, and Colorado, offer more opportunities for roofers, translating into better income potential.

5. Unionized Areas: In regions with strong roofing unions, such as New York City and Chicago, unionized roofers often receive higher wages, better benefits, and job security.

6. High-End Residential Areas: Roofers working in affluent neighborhoods with upscale homes may command higher rates, as residents often invest in premium roofing materials and craftsmanship.


While the regions mentioned above tend to offer higher earning potential for roofers, it’s essential to consider the cost of living, job availability, and your personal circumstances when deciding where to pursue a roofing career. Keep in mind that roofing can be physically demanding work, and safety should always be a priority.

Ultimately, the most profitable location for roofers may vary based on individual factors, including your skills, experience, and personal preferences. Before making a decision, research your chosen area, network with local roofing professionals, and evaluate job opportunities carefully. By doing so, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your career goals and financial aspirations in the roofing industry.


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